Samurai Swords

Samurai Sword for Sale Australia

We have a wide range of Samurai Swords you can buy from our online store. Our most popular type is our line of handmade battle ready Katana. Every single one of our Samurai Swords has been constructed from high-quality materials using traditional forging techniques.

Every Samurai sword we sell is full tang, and produced using high carbon steels, either 1060 or 1095. A high carbon steel Samurai Sword allows our blades to remain strong, hard and capable of taking and retaining a cutting edge.

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Martial Arts Samurai Sword

If you're a martial arts practitioner, for example Kenjutso, Battodo or Iado, you'll find our Samurai swords are an ideal choice. Not only are these great for expert users, they are a great choice for amateurs as well.

If you've been looking online for a Samurai sword, you'll have no doubt seen plenty of cheap samurai swords or katana for sale. However, we would advise you to stay clear of these unless you only want a decorative piece. A weak or a sword that is likely to break is far more dangerous than a well constructed strong sword.

High Carbon Steel Samurai Sword

All the Samurai swords we have for sale are either 1045, 1060, 1080 or 1095 high carbon steel. We also offer a limited amount of T10 and spring steel swords.

The last two digits in the name of the carbon steel describe the carbon content. For example, the 45 in 1045 means the carbon content is 0.45%, 1065 is 0.65% etc.

The more carbon the blade contains, the harder the resulting steel will be. The downside is that harder steels are easier to chip or snap if handled incorrectly. If you're at all unsure as to what sort of carbon steel you should get, I would advise choosing 1060 carbon steel as it offers a good compromise between hardness and flexibility.

Clay Tempered Samurai Sword

A clay tempered Samurai Sword has had clay applied to the blade in differing thicknesses. When the blade is heated and then cooled, the clay adds a layer of insulation, causing different cooling rates. This process allows the sword smith to control how quickly the cutting edge cools compared to the blades spine.

These differing cooling rates create unique crystalline structures in the steel, resulting a blade with a hard cutting edge and softer more flexible spine.

Folded Samurai Swords

A folded Samurai Sword has been folded and forge welded multiple times in order to create a blade with many distinct layers. Originally this process was carried out in order to homogenize the carbon content, but this is not necessary for modern steels. However, it does create a distinct and appealing effect on the blade which many buyers prefer.

UK Samurai Swords and The Law

On the 6th of April 2008, a new law came into effect banning all Samurai sword or curved swords if the blade length exceeded 50 cm. There are however some exceptions to the law for martial arts practitioners, swords produced traditional methods and reenactors.

We produce all of our swords using traditional methods and are therefor exempt for this particular law. We however insist that all buyers are fully aware of the sword ownership laws, we will not be held responsible for seized or confiscated swords.

All of our Samurai Swords are legal to own in the UK without a special license. As with all knives or swords, buyers must be of 18 years or over and agree to act in a responsible manner.

Swords are not toys and must be used in the correct fashion. No sword should be used in public or wielded in an aggressive manner.

Buyers must agree to the terms and conditions laid out here. The buyer is responsible for all import duties, taxes and the laws surrounding sword ownership.